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80 Piece Carving Set
80 Piece Carving Set Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 4480
Price: $150.00
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds

80 Piece Carving Set in wooden case with handle

!! INCLUDES CULINARY CARVING AND PLATE DECORATING BOOK (4479) & DVD (4505) !! Chef Harvey, after traveling the world, has created this hand crafted stainless steel tool set. With this set Elaborate and elegant fruit and vegetable garnishes can be created. These 80 tools are practical as well as good looking and will be valued by all professionals involved in the preparation and presentation of food. It will be especially useful to those in the everyday garnishing and decoration of individual plates and platters.

Tools included:

* K-1 Pointed Paring Knife
* K-3 Slanted Knife
* K-3 Curved Paring Knife
* K-4 Bird's Beak Knife
* V-1 Fruit/Vegetable Decorator
* S-1 Fruit/Vegetable Saw
* SP-1 Stripper-Pointer
* SF-1 Stripper-Flat
* DSS Double Sided Veg./Fruit Scoop
* C-1 Crinkle Cutter
* U-1 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle
* U-2 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle
* U-3 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle
* U-4 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle
* U-5 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle
* U-6 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle
* V-1 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle
* V-2 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle
* V-3 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle
* V-4 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle
* V-5 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle
* V-6 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle
* K-5 Utility Knife
* SUS Shallow "U" Small W/Handle
* SUM Shallow "U" Med. W/Handle
* SUL Shallow "U" Large W/Handle
* FBS Flat Bottom Small "U" W/Handle
* FBL Flat Bottom Large "U" W/Handle
* RV Reversed "V" W/Handle
* PSS Pointed Spoon Small W/Handle
* PSM Pointed Spoon Med. W/Handle
* PSL Pointed Spoon Large W/Handle
* Fss Flouted Single Small W/Handle
* FSL Flouted Single Large W/Handle
* MFCS Multi-Flouted Small W/Handle
* MFCL Multi-Flouted Large W/Handle
* WS Waved Small W/Handle
* Wl Waved Large W/Handle
* DSFU Double Sided Flat Bottom "U"
* DSV Double Sided Large "V"
* DSU Double Sided Large "U"
* DSCU Double Sided Curved "U"
* DSCV Double Sided Curved "V"
* AV Angled "V"
* T Tweezres
* S-C1 Scalloped Cutter 1
* S-C2 Scalloped Cutter 2
* S-C3 Scalloped Cutter 3
* CS Carrot Shaver
* DHT Double Happiness Template
* R-C Rabbit Cutter
* RF-C Rounded Flower Cutter
* Bu-C Butterfly Cutter
* DO-C Dove Cutter
* FD-C Flying Dove Cutter
* BE-C Bear Cutter
* DR-C Dragon Cutter
* P-C Phoenix Cutter
* H-C1 Hart Cutter 1
* H-C2 Hart Cutter 2
* H-C3 Hart Cutter 3
* H-C4 Hart Cutter 4
* H-C5 Hart Cutter 5
* L-C Leave Cutter
* TF-C Tulip Flower Cutter
* G-C Goose Cutter
* TD-C1 Tear Drop Cutter 1
* TD-C2 Tear Drop Cutter 2
* TD-C3 Tear Drop Cutter 3
* TD-C4 Tear Drop Cutter 4
* TD-C5 Tear Drop Cutter 5
* TD-C6 Tear Drop Cutter 6
* F-C1 Flower Cutter 5 Scallops 1
* F-C2 Flower Cutter 5 Scallops 2
* F-C3 Flower Cutter 5 Scallops 3
* CC_C1 Chinese Character (Long Life)
* CC_C2 Chinese Character (Happiness)
* CC_C3 Chinese Character (Wealth)
* CC_C4 Chinese Character (Double Happiness)
* CC_C5 Chinese Character (Get Rich)

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