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"Padre Pio - Encounters With A Spiritual Daughter From Pietrelcina"
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Price: $16.95
"PADRE PIO - Encounters With A Spiritual Daughter From Pietrelcina" by Graziella De Nunzio Mandato ECSTASY AT MASS - Padre Pio customarily went into ecstasy while saying Mass -"His face would change," Graziella said. "It was beautiful, like Christs." Although his skin would be very pale before Mass, it grew as pink as a baby's during the consecration. "He cries and cries during the Mass." Graziella said. "I asked him once why he cries so much during the Mass and he said it's because he sees all the sins of the world." It was a great suffering for him "You knew he was a saint when you saw him pray," her husband agreed. "When you saw him on the altar, you knew he was in touch with God, but in private, he was a friend." It was the first time she had ever seen Padre Pio and the young girl marveled at everything she saw - the way his face looked during Mass, his bleeding hands, the way everyone was touching him. But after Mass, when the people were kissing his hands, she drew away shyly. "I just can't kiss his hand!" she thought to herself. Suddenly Padre Pio stopped and looked right at her. He leaned across everyone and put his hand in front of her face so she could kiss it! SAYING GOODBYE The night before Padre Pio died, Graziella had a dream that she was in Our Lady of Grace church in Pietrelcina. Padre Pio was there and called to her, "I've come to say goodbye to you." "But where are you going?" Graziella asked. He said, "I'm tired" and hugged her. The next day, Sept. 23, 1968, they were listening to the radio when the announcement came, "Padre Pio of Pietrelcina is dead." Her eyes filled with tears at the memory of that sad day. 32 GLOSSY - FAMILY PHOTO SECTION - ROSARY PRAYERS - NOVENA PRAYERS - 90 Days of Devotions taken from Padre Pio's Writings - Smyth-sewn Trade Paperback