Code Name Price    
AACB Accounting and Computers (Beginners) $200.00
AACI Accounting and Computers (Intermediate) $200.00
PSA_ENHAN_IMG Adobe Photoshop Applied: Correcting and Enhancing Images $190.00
PSA_PREP-WEB-IMG Adobe Photoshop Applied: Preparing Images for Web and APP Usage $190.00
AC Adult Cosmetology $7,000.00
WWTG Advanced Wastewater $550.00
ASLC2 American Sign Language Course (Intermediate) $120.00
AYHA Appealing Your Home Assessment $50.00
AIOS Apple iPhones and iPads (Introduction) $190.00
MAC-OSX_I Apple Mac OS X: Introduction $190.00
ASECT ASE Certified Technician $200.00
app Audio Production/Podcasting $240.00
ABBR2 Auto Body Repair and Refinishing (Advanced) $220.00
ABRR Auto Body Repair and Refinishing (Beginners) $240.00
ACAD AutoCAD (Beginners) $200.00
AT Automotive Technician $385.00
barb-intro-cc Barbering: Introduction to Clipper Cutting $250.00
BAM_PM Basic Auto Mechanics and Preventative Maintenance $210.00
CLI Basic Computer Literacy (Introduction) $150.00
BRI Blueprint Reading I $220.00