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Bread Basics
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Code: BB
Price: $50.00
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11/6/17 - 11/7/17
11/28/17 - 11/29/17
This class is a part of the Baking with Lori classes. Other classes include: Cake Decorating, Christmas Cookies, and Pasties 101. These classes will take you beyond just recipes and a list of ingredients. Chef Lori will teach you to master any baking technique with ease in these hands-on classes.

Who doesn't love fresh baked bread? Unlock the magic of bread baking in this two-night class. Students will learn how to shape and handle dough and gain an understanding of the science behind bread baking.

2 Sessions
7:00pm - 9:30pm Career Center
11/6/17 and 11/7/17
    OR 11/28/17 and 11/29/17