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Apple Mac OS X: Introduction
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Help yourself find a job in the graphics industry by learning how to use an Apple Mac computer and the macOS operating system: How to start it up, shut it down and put it to sleep; how to use various applications, how to organize files and folders, how to manage fonts and graphics, how to connect to the internet, surf the World Wide Web and how to send and receive email, how to use peripherals like iPods or digital cameras with the Mac, how to fix basic problems, and more. This course is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to take a graphic arts course at MCVSD and is unfamiliar with a Mac.

Prerequisite: Must feel comfortable using at least one computer operating system. Access to a Macintosh at home or work is highly recommended.

Tuesdays 6 Sessions
6:30pm-8:30pm CHS
10/3/17 - 11/7/17