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Childcare Center/Preschool Software - Medium
Childcare Center/Preschool Software - Medium Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SW3
Price: $599.00
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Affordable, Easy To Use, Comprehensive, Flexible, Professional, Complete Package. The most affordable and flexible management software available today. Includes every feature you need:record keeping, billing, payroll, scheduling,timesheet management, full accounting, menu planning, and a software timeclock. Childcare Sage makes it easy to run your business by automating and helping you organize everything on the computer, giving you more free time.

Childcare Sage is offered in 3 special versions:
  1. Small Center: Up to 45 active children/ 5 Staff: our special price only $399.00.
  2. Medium Center: Up to 90 active children/ 10 staff: for $599.00.
  3. Large Center: No child or staff limits: for $799.00
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