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Tractor Trailer CDL Class A
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CDL_A
Price: $280.00
Student's full name:
In partnership with Superior Driving School in Toms River, students will prepare for all written C.D.L. exams including: General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Hazmat, Tankers, Doubles & Triples. The theory portion of the course will take place in the Career Center. Upon completion of the theory portion of the class, the students are required to take and pass the written CDL Class A exam at a NJ Motor Vehicle Agency before they can continue their training. The mandatory yard and road portion of the class will take place at 2834 Lacey Road, Forked River, NJ at the Superior Driving School location. The yard and road training will cover all skills necessary to pass the new federally regulated road test at NJ Motor Vehicles. Upon completing this training, students will be required to take a road test at NJ Motor Vehicle testing center coordinated by Superior Driving School.

Payment Breakdown

  • $2,500 - total cost of the course
  • $280.00 - to MCVSD to register and secure your seat (price shown above).
  • $2,200 - made payable to Superior Driving School. Payment arrangements cam be made.
    • $220 mandatory deposit is required to Superior Driving School upon registration.
  • Total cost does not include: MVC Permit, DOT Physical, or fingerprinting.

Theoretical Portion: $280
Tuesday and Thursday
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Career Center
1/16/18 - 2/15/18

Yard and Road Training: $2,200
(Payable to Superior Driving School. Does not include MVC Permit, DOT Physical or fingerprinting.)
(Payment arrangements can be made for the balance.)

Tuesday and Thursday
6:00pm - 10:00pm
2/27/18 - 6/14/18

Upon registration, students will be mailed an additional information packet that they must complete and contact Superior Driving School two weeks before the theoretical portion of the class begins.

Requirements: Must be 18 with a non-provisional driverís license and pass a DOT physical provided by Superior Driving School. Theoretical training will continue until either the date listed above or the students permits are validated whichever comes first. 80% attendance in the Yard & Road section of the course is required. Questions should be directed to Superior Driving School at 1-877-664-5090.